Monday, 25 January 2010

Noelanders XI

Use the link below for the most comprehensive photo review I can find (so far) of the Noelanders show held this weekend.

Friday, 22 January 2010

5th BSA exhibition

A late reminder (though I'm sure your all aware) of the 5th BSA Exhibition at Willowbog, following a comment posted from Duncan Heild (thanks Duncan, not sure how I forgot!!)
A link to their comprehensive details is below.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


The boring bit......
.......and the bonsai bit.

BR 31

Notice- Doug and Lee's composition on page 3

Monday, 18 January 2010

'So long, and thanks for all the fish'

By way of an addendum to the AGM notes, Im sure every member of WBS would join in with a big hearty thank you to our departing (literally) chairman Les for all the hard work he has put in during the previous year.

AGM Meeting Notes

Wirral Bonsai Society

Notes from Annual General Meeting

Despite the adverse weather conditions 13 members made it to the AGM. Apologies were received from a number of members who were either working or victims of the ice and snow.
Andy, Ian Q, Stan, Dave M and the B family, were unable to attend because of ill health, our best wishes go to them and their families.
Chairman’s report
The chairman reported that the club had had another successful year with members exhibiting at Willowbog, Best of British and ABBA. The 2009 club show was extremely successful and a number of bonsai enthusiasts and experts from other clubs attended, Steve Tolley did a pre-selection of trees for consideration for Best of British 2011.
The past chairman confirmed that he was standing down from office due to family commitments.
Treasurer’s and Secretary’s report
As the Secretary and Treasurer were unable to attend the chair gave a brief summary of the current financial position of the Society, we have approximately £260 additional funds since this time last year. Over £900 was spent on new show staging, material and transport costs, these have been recouped from membership fees, attendance monies and monthly raffles and the raffle at the Club Show. We wish to thank the B family for all their hard work in providing the monthly raffle over the last few years.
Membership fees
It was agreed to maintain fees and subscriptions at the current levels, £10 per member and £2 for each meeting attended.
Membership figures have increased slightly and we had 35 members in 2009.
Election of Officers
.The following were elected for the coming year
• Chairman-Ian W
• Vice chairman-Dave Y
• Treasurer -Geoff D
• Gen Secretary -Mary D
• Membership Secretary -Dena H
• Webmaster-Iain Q
• Official photographer- Jim 'the Lad'
• Librarian –to be identified
• Raffle Organisers -Mr & Mrs D
The position of Librarian has become vacant, thanks for all your hard work Stan. Unfortunately there was no-one in attendance who was able to take on the role therefore it was agreed to discuss the position at the next meeting.
Club Show
Following yet another very successful show in 2009 it was suggested that the establishment of a sub committee to review the management and organisation of the 2010 show. Dave Y had prepared a briefing paper which was circulated for consideration. Dave Y, Doug M, Tony F and Bill G agreed to join the Show Committee
Japan Day
Following our contribution to Japan Day in Liverpool in 2008 the Japan Society have invited the club to provide a bonsai display at Japan Day 2010 on October 17th at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. It was agreed that the Club should participate and the funding for transport of equipment and materials to Manchester be provided.
Club trailer
The club have considered making a trailer for transporting materials, however the time to make this and cost etc for this is not viable as it would only be used rarely. The positive arrangement that we have with Gordale enables us to use their transport at minimal cost to the club.
New Members
It was suggested that we provide more support when we recruit new members at the Club Show, a number of options were put forward. It is proposed that the meeting immediately following the show be focussed on new members, this year we have John Armitage as guest speaker, possibly we could ask him to concentrate on the basics of bonsai and we could ask new member to bring their trees along for him to critique/provide advice. Mentorship and support were also suggested.
Auction/sale tables
A request to reintroduce a bonsai auction and sale tables was made. Any member trading at the club is asked to pay a percentage of income to the club.
Green Dragon Bonsai
In his absence thanks were given to Mark for the service (and income) that he has provided to the club over the last year.
Club Calendar
It was suggested that the club design and sell a calendar which includes photos of members trees. Jim, Bill, Brian and Ian Q were charged with costing this out and looking into the feasibility of preparing a calendar ready for sale at the club show and to members. It was suggested that winners of awards from 2009 show and members trees shown at Best of British be included.
Club Rules and Constitution
It was noted that the current Constitution and Rules of the Club require review and possible revision, the new Chair and Vice Chair are charged with undertaking this activity. Included in this review would be the need, or otherwise of the role of Club President.
Starting Time
A number of members commented on the tardiness of meetings starting, it is suggested that the meeting commences promptly at 8pm in order to allow speakers to have sufficient time to do justice to their presentation. Therefore members need to be in place, subs paid, raffle tickets bought drinks ready for an 8pm start. This will allow everyone to get the most from the evening.

Les S, Society Chairman 2009
January 14th 2010.

Friday, 15 January 2010

ToTM January

On receiving the above picture it was suggested that "I am sure you could find something nice to say about it !!!!! "
Well maybe this month we should just call Les's Yew 'potensai of the month'

Thats as good as it gets!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


News *Hot of the press*
The AGM is BACK ON for this Wednesday due to the thaw.
(Be there..... or be voted in as Chairman!!!)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Members gardens -Dave B's

Display table or dog kennel's?
Where's the washing line going to go now?

" But it says connect end C to end D"
By way of a distraction from the weather and the fact there is no meeting this month this post continues the series highlighting members gardens.
The pictures taken by Brian in the summer (sigh....remember when you only had to wear one layer of clothing???) are of Dave B's Garden during his table building project, under the auspices of Dave Y.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

January Meeting -AGM

Please note that this months AGM meeting has been called off due to the bad weather. I will let you know as soon as I have any additional info on any rearrangement.
Unfortunatly the above illustrates my current position following a dissagreement with an icy road. On the plus side maybe this overcomes my issue of finding time (4-6 weeks!!??) to improve my wiring skills.

Monday, 4 January 2010

SoTM-Art of Bonsai Awards

Follow the link below for a review of the winners of the Art of Bonsai Award winners plus links to other interesting stuff!


Hello and welcome to the Wirral Bonsai Society Blog - an ongoing diary & newsletter highlighting the adventures of the society & its members

Society Diary-We meet at 8pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the RAFA club in Oxton (CH43 1UU).

  • 13th January
  • 10th February
  • 14th February Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 28th February Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th March - Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 13th March Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 27th March Workshop - Gordale
  • 13th April - Demonstration - Andy H
  • 17th April Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 24th April Workshop - Gordale
  • 8th May Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 11th May- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 29th May Workshop - Gordale
  • 4-5th June WBS Flowering Bonsai Show - Port Sunlight GC
  • 8th June - WBS Member trees critique
  • 12th June Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 26th June Workshop - Gordale
  • 10th July Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 13th July- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 31st July Workshop - Gordale
  • 10th August- WBS Show tree selection
  • 13-14th August - Wirral Flower Show
  • 20th August - Japan Day, Liverpool
  • 27-29th August WBS Annual Show - Gordale
  • 14th September- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 11th September Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 25th September Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th October Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 12th October- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 30th October Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th November- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 13th November Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 26-27th November - Potter Workshop with David Jones (Walsall Studio Ceramics)
  • 27th November Workshop - Gordale
  • 14th December - Club Party


New members are always welcome, just come along to one of our monthly meetings at the RAFA club. You can even 'try us out' for a few months before you decide on joining as an official member. The meetings are informal (there's a bar!) and the club members are (mostly) friendly, approachable and happy to pass on guidance and information to anybody interested in bonsai- whatever your level of experience.