Monday, 21 April 2008

Marco Invernizzi Workshop

Following various conversations while at the BSA show at Willowbog, I believe it was discussed and agreed that Wirral Bonsai will be organising a special workshop that will be led by......... Marco Invernizzi!!!!

The date has been set for Friday 20th June, at a venue as yet to be arranged.

Definitely one to be put in the diary.

More details (where, time, cost etc.) will be posted when I know more......

Follow link for Marco's website-

Bonsai Review 10

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

VoCBS Day Long Workshop

For all those in need of a bit of 'workshop action' please see the notice below from Kev Bailey.

"Following last months succesful first, day-long meeting, the Vale of Clwyd bonsai workshop for this month has moved to Saturday the 26th April 10 am to 5pm in the Welsh College of Horticulture, Northop, School Of Horticulture Building, Lecture Room 2 & 3.

Bring along anything you'd like to repot or style, if you can come.
It's only £5 for the whole day, to cover room hire.

Lots of help and friendly banter.
Tea and coffee.
Please get in touch with Kev if you need directions or any further information.
Best regards

Kev Bailey
Sounds fun!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Tree of the Month- April

April's Tree of the Month is Doug's Root over rock Acer as beautifully photographed by our resident photographer -Brian.
Nice one-both of you.

Remember- double click to enlarge to a size you can appreciate the tree/photo!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

April Meeting review

According to Brian this months meeting was a particularly informative & enjoyable experience.
( kept me too busy to attend......I must work on retiring sooner)
While Ian and invited guest Peter Warren worked on young (quote-unquote!!) Steve's Beech, Andy was busy on the club tree (You remember -the pine donated by Terry Foster.)
Peter apparently displayed his vast knowledge and experience, gained from his years of training under one of the worlds most well known masters, Kunio Kobayashi.

Ian reviews Steve's demo tree

Peter working on the tree

Two onto one seems a little unfair......


The rush is on at the Green Dragon table!

Thanks to Brian for the pictures and outline of the evening.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

April Meeting- Demo by Ian (plus Visitor)

April's meeting is a demonstration by Ian -he will be working on Steve's Beech- following on from his work on it last year. Also by way of an additional reason to turn up, a little birdy (Les) tells me there will be a visit from 'the general of monkey mountain' !!!!

'The general' aka Peter Warren

Follow the link to Peter's website-

BSA Show -Courtesy of Willowbog

Must have been some party???!!!
(Look closely)

As a follow up to the BSA review of last month follow the link (if you haven't been there already!!) to see the official review of the show.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Burrs Weekend

Once again its the chance for the lucky few to enjoy the varied delights of Burrs and the Brown Cow!! (not me I'm afraid as I'm currently planting an orchard in sunny Tarn-et-Garonne- sounds fun but mainly involves lots of shovels and wheel barrows!!!!)
The programme I believe includes John Pitt, John Armitage and of course Terry Foster & Tony Tickle.
I'm sure all participants will enjoy to the full.
This message is brought to you courtesy of French Broadband-... other suppliers are also available!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Bonsai (?) Site of the Month -April

This months site isnt exactly bonsai related, (though if you look hard enough there is a Bonsai Forum and gallery (of sorts) but it is full of useful garden type stuff! The link below is to a page with a myriad of garden related blogs from around the world.
A bit off target market but what the heck.......

BTW input might be a little light this week due to a weeks hols.


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