Tuesday, 27 July 2010

gordale Workshop -trees

A selection of some of the trees being worked on.

Gordale Workshop -people 1

When your sanding..... wheNumbered Listn your sanding....

The Triumvirate of power.....


Gota keep you nabari clean...


Your nothing without a power tool...

Gordale Workshop -people 2

......my favourite tool for collecting is a shotgun!!!!!
Now who would want to buy this?........even on special offer.

Ian practising his chokkan (by 'intuition') style trimming technique!!

(Goggle it!!)

.....ave a banana.
ian tops up on energy needs, its tiring work cleaning off moss.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Tree of the Month- July

This months ToTM belongs to Bill and is this intriguing Hinoki Cypress, AKA as a Temple Tree.
Nice one Bill.

Friday, 9 July 2010

July SoTM

This months site belongs to the European Bonsai Association, a non-profit making group set up with the primary aim promoting bonsai art and culture, stimulating its members and teaching them all aspects of the art and science of bonsai.


Hello and welcome to the Wirral Bonsai Society Blog - an ongoing diary & newsletter highlighting the adventures of the society & its members

Society Diary-We meet at 8pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the RAFA club in Oxton (CH43 1UU).

  • 13th January
  • 10th February
  • 14th February Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 28th February Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th March - Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 13th March Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 27th March Workshop - Gordale
  • 13th April - Demonstration - Andy H
  • 17th April Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 24th April Workshop - Gordale
  • 8th May Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 11th May- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 29th May Workshop - Gordale
  • 4-5th June WBS Flowering Bonsai Show - Port Sunlight GC
  • 8th June - WBS Member trees critique
  • 12th June Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 26th June Workshop - Gordale
  • 10th July Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 13th July- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 31st July Workshop - Gordale
  • 10th August- WBS Show tree selection
  • 13-14th August - Wirral Flower Show
  • 20th August - Japan Day, Liverpool
  • 27-29th August WBS Annual Show - Gordale
  • 14th September- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 11th September Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 25th September Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th October Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 12th October- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 30th October Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th November- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 13th November Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 26-27th November - Potter Workshop with David Jones (Walsall Studio Ceramics)
  • 27th November Workshop - Gordale
  • 14th December - Club Party


New members are always welcome, just come along to one of our monthly meetings at the RAFA club. You can even 'try us out' for a few months before you decide on joining as an official member. The meetings are informal (there's a bar!) and the club members are (mostly) friendly, approachable and happy to pass on guidance and information to anybody interested in bonsai- whatever your level of experience.