Wednesday, 21 November 2007

National Tree Week

Do one thing - plant a tree

The Tree Council’s annual tree planting celebration, National Tree Week (21st November to 3rd December 2007), began in 1975 and has seen over 20 million trees planted since. It’s the ideal opportunity to do one great thing for the environment – plant a tree – and bring about a myriad of benefits, many of which will have long term impact in times of climate uncertainty.

‘The early summer floods that devastated many parts of the UK were a real wake up call to how vulnerable we are to the elements’, said Pauline Buchanan Black, director-general of The Tree Council. ‘But trees provide an effective flood break and improve water absorption, offering an excellent defence we shouldn’t ignore’.

‘Planting trees is great fun too - even on a wet blustery day, the thrill of going out and getting your hands dirty, something many of us don’t do often enough, is really rewarding when you stand back and see the benefits of your hard work.

The Tree Council offers tree planting grants to schools and community groups and the feedback we get from the children and staff involved is always really positive. Whether you are planting one tree or a hundred, believe me, you’ll feel really satisfied at the end of it, especially as you get to see it grow and improve your local landscape’ continues Pauline.

Whilst tree planting is a global issue we should not forget how important trees are to our immediate environment. Recent concerns over the ‘chainsaw massacre’ which has seen many urban trees being cut down but not replaced, means that more than ever, we need to take action to replenish our tree stock and truly benefit from trees.

The Tree Council has been working closely with BBC Breathing Places and the campaign to ‘do one thing’ to improve our environmental health. The Autumnwatch programme, in the run up to National Tree Week, will give encouragement to plant trees and is extremely timely, says Pauline. ‘Trees are of enormous importance to us in so many ways. By making the planting of a tree the one thing you do, you will have made a lasting impact for future generations’.
Words are courtesy of the Tree Council website

Burrs -The 'Wirral' Angle

The lads in action...(while Ian contemplates life,...... pots...... & the width of doors??!!)

Ian & Andy discussing the finer points of......(you add your own ending!)

Ian enjoying a spot of afternoon tea (?) while both ignore Lee's 'beer belly'

Dave, privet, Mr. Pitt and friend (Morea?) (-good selection of pots but what's with the windowsill art????)

Thanks to Les for the pics. Though you will need to get better at focusing your camera next time!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Wirral Bonsai -Tree Gallery

As requested (by Andy Hardman) Click the link below or the slideshow picture below the message board for a new addition to the Blog contents- a Gallery of the members trees.

Its obviously just started and only currently includes the trees already featured on the club and my blog. If you would like to include a picture email it to me and I will include it in the gallery of our trees.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Nov prt 2 -Bukex Pine

Terrys pine.... not a true front view.... but better than nowt..

Pre fight nerves...or scared of the paparazzi?

The 'Statler & Waldorf' * of the bonsai world...

(* ....think Sesame Street)

Great,.... fantastic,....not bad,.....mediocre,....rubbish,.......

get off,.....booooooooooooo!

(photos so Les doesnt feel picked on!!)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

November Meeting- The 'Bukex' Pine

........think Pearl & Dean

' touch my coke and your dead.....'


Terry taunts Les about his wiring!

He went that'a way....

Last night saw Terry Foster entertain his audience with a review of his Scots pine that first saw the light of day during a demo at the Bukex exhibition in 2006 (sorry no picture!!!! DOH!!!) Following an introduction Terry started by sitting back down (!) and starting a video of the demo, discussing that he had been persuaded by Tony Tickle to delay working on it for a year. (?)

The quickly improvised 'live' running commentary was interspersed with Q&A's detailing and informing on how & when to do 'things' to your pine. Following a break (when Terry was 'walked through' and asked to comment on a variety of Wirral and Blackpool based trees and yamadori brought to the meeting) the video was concluded and further questions were posed and subsequently answered eloquently by both Terry & Ian.

Thanks to Terry for the visit and to be fair, if it wasn't for the 'pesky' loudspeaker failure you might have got'n away with it*!!

* apologies to Scooby Doo fans!

Thanks to Brian for the (candid) photos!-even if we forgot the pine!!!!

Tree of the Month- November

Well done to Les Storey for this months TotM chosen by Terry Foster. This cute little Yew caught Terry's eye and Les finally gets to take the trophy home!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Tonight's Meeting


A little birdy (Les.....*) tells me Terry Fosters talk tonight is on the styling of a Pine from his collection and it will include pictures highlighting its early development. (* you've never been called that before!!!!)

Looking forward to it.
(particularly as I feel like I missed out on the Burrs fun.)

Plus let's give a warm welcome to our friends that will be visiting from 'over the border',...... though pity its not a Friday!!
(Rumour has it that when standing on the walls of Chester on a Friday its still legal to shoot at a Welshman with a bow and arrow!!)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

'Sister' Blog

Below, for your enjoyment & edification is a new fellow bonsai blog site- though I feel it's more of a sister than a blog brother!!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Post Burrs Chat

Follow the link for an outline of the weekend provided by some of the lucky participants.
The trees just get better and better!!

I see Lee's 'beer belly' saw the light of day again!!
Les- what's with the badge- getting forgetful?

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A Burrs weekender

This weekend sees a few lucky members join Tony Tickle deep in the Lancashire countryside!

The weekend features:
Enrico Savini -a rising star in the Italian and European Bonsai Scene, "the quality of his work is breathtaking in one so young"
Hans van Meer-Back by popular demand after his triumph at Burrs November 2006, Hans was one of the headline artists at this years Gingko Awards.

Unfortunately (for me) I can't join you this time (due to 'family' commitments) but I'm sure I can bend someones ear (Les?) to review and capture the essence* of the weekend.

(*lets hope its not too strong a smell !!??!! -probably depends on whether the Parsnip soup is on the menu!!)

BSA 2008

The 3rd BSA Annual Exhibition will take place at Willowbog Bonsai over the weekend of 1st and 2nd March 2008.
The organisers are asking that you please send your entry details to Willowbog Bonsai:

Mame, Shohin Compositions, Single Shohin and Chuhin trees all welcome!
Lets hope for another winning entry like Ian & Tony's composition.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' they say!!

Welcome 'blog brother'

Monday, 5 November 2007


This is obviously the time of year to enjoy the glorious Autumnal hues.

If you can't get out or your chained to the computer, (?) check out the National arboretum site for some splashes of colour.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Bonsai Site of the Month -November


This months site -Bonsai Guide Book in Japan, is a quirky one with some interesting sections, such as the ones that cover :

  • Japanese Bonsai terminology,

  • a comprehensive gallery of antique pots &

  • links to other sites including some unusual japanese ones.

ie: -interesting if you like displaying shohin!!!

& (note for next AGM -how do we attract members as 'keen' as Kaori??!!!!)

(NB. If your Japanese is good (?!?!) you'll probably get a lot more out of the site as some pages don't appear to translate.)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

November Meeting- Guest Speaker -Terry Foster

Terry in his garden

One of his (many) well known and exhibited trees (my favourite)

November sees a welcome return of Terry Foster to the club. A veteran (?) of visits to the Wirral, Terry will be talking about........

-well.... we don't know...... but im sure it will be good!

By way of a taster, below are some pics of his trees.

A cracking twin trunk Hawthorn

an 'abstract' pine

Another Hawthorn -a cascade

Terry busy at a 'Burrs weekend' (plus some 'hanger on 'trying to get in on the act!)

....And the Poll winner is...........

Drum roll..........

The Maple and Yew....

with 'Other' coming in joint 4th (as there were two votes for
'the Larch *' and the remainder where left blank!!)

Why not check out the new Poll?

_* python joke for those old enough- which to be honest is most of us!!


Hello and welcome to the Wirral Bonsai Society Blog - an ongoing diary & newsletter highlighting the adventures of the society & its members

Society Diary-We meet at 8pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the RAFA club in Oxton (CH43 1UU).

  • 13th January
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  • 9th March - Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
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  • 13th April - Demonstration - Andy H
  • 17th April Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
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  • 8th May Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 11th May- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
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  • 4-5th June WBS Flowering Bonsai Show - Port Sunlight GC
  • 8th June - WBS Member trees critique
  • 12th June Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
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  • 10th July Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 13th July- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 31st July Workshop - Gordale
  • 10th August- WBS Show tree selection
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  • 20th August - Japan Day, Liverpool
  • 27-29th August WBS Annual Show - Gordale
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New members are always welcome, just come along to one of our monthly meetings at the RAFA club. You can even 'try us out' for a few months before you decide on joining as an official member. The meetings are informal (there's a bar!) and the club members are (mostly) friendly, approachable and happy to pass on guidance and information to anybody interested in bonsai- whatever your level of experience.