Friday, 28 August 2009

Viewing posts by 'Labels'

Google have introduced a new way of viewing posts by type, ie all posts related to a theme-for example -Tree of the Month (ToTM) or Meetings.

At the bottom right of the features list is one called Labels, if you click on a post type all posts with that label will appear at once.
It will show all posts that have labels- but I wont be going back and adding labels to old posts (lifes to short!) so it will start to work by type from here on.
Not sure if anybody will use it in this way but lets see ay.....

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Follow updated Blogs

You might notice that Ive added a feature that follows some interesting blogs and shows when any new posts have been added.
Ive been using it a while and it saves a lot of time trawling through them to see if theres anything new.
If anybody has any bonsai or related blogs or that are worthy of following, let me know and I'll add it to the list?

Anyway..... see what y'all think?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bonsai Tours of Japan

Japan Bonsai Tour 2010 6-16 February 2010

Enjoy a world-class tour offering exclusive access to some of the world’s greatest bonsai collections including a visit to the wonderful Kokufu show – Japan’s most important Bonsai exhibition.

Visit Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo and take in Japan’s cultural highlights – a mix of the ancient and the modern.

Note to the 'Memsahib'........ I wouldn't say no......!

BR 26 prt 1

Lee makes the front page!!

BR 26 prt 2

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Workshop featuring Mr Tickle

Vale of Clwyd Bonsai Society.
A Workshop is being held on September 20th at Green Dragon Bonsai.
Just 3 places left @ £40.00 for the day.
Spectators, any number £3 for the day. Must bring their own material to work on and packed lunch.
Please contact Dave B on 07719126559 to confirm place.

Dave B

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

August ToTM

Dena was awarded ToTM this months for this cute little Potentilla.

August meeting -Pine workshop

Chairman Mao- doing his best Young Mr Grace impression (whilst looking like Mr. Rumbold?) talks about the show.......'you've all done very well'
A cracking pine (Lee's?) makes Ian feel sad/jealous/a Mr. Grace looky likey?
-delete as appropriate

Young Mr. Grace

Mr. Rumbold


Monday, 10 August 2009

Wirral Bonsai Show -Papparazzi shots

Lee & IBC's 'Harleyrider' discuss................. accents?
John Armitage (our Shohin judge) undertakes an impromptu workshop on a member of the public's 'wheeled in' tree!!............nice one.
Ken A receives his public vote award from Peter Warren, our main show Judge, who (like John) hung around all weekend! (soz Ken)
Ian Stewardson, John Armitage, Andy and Mary are found lurking around the Treebay stand, talking about bonsai............. or possibly just lunch!!

Wirral Bonsai Show -Trees

As usual, I'm not going to put pictures on here when somebody has already put them on t'internet, so below is a link to the IBC.
Thanks Kev & Matt.

Wirral Bonsai Show Awards

The Lord and the Mayor and Mayoress (the ones in the posh frocks!!)
Lee receives one of two awards for his White can you spot a 'national treasure?'
which apparently translates into 'English pirate!!'
Doug's award for best deciduous -.....the Hawthorn- that following a bizarre accident now resides in the Mayors right ear!!
Ian's award for his Privet- (sorry for the poor photo)

Above are the awards, presented by the Lord Mayor.

Best of British Bonsai Pre selection

Hi Iain,
Thought you might want the list of the BOBBs trees that Steve Tolley has pre-selected for consideration for the next Best of British Bonsai in 2011.
Steve visited the show on Saturday and chose 13 individual trees/shohin compositions which can be sent forward for selection when the process starts for the 2011 show.

Iain Q - Root over rock maple
Doug M- Hawthorn and shohin composition ( the biggest and smallest in our show)
Ian W,- juniper, escallonia and shohin composition
Steve H - landscape
Les S- shohin composition
Dave Y- juniper
Andy H- fuchsia
Dave M- Hornbeam and pine composition
Bill G- temple tree
Dave M and Lee k- juniper and maple composition

I think the number of trees selected at this stage is a real endorsement for the effort, commitment and quality of work that the club and it's members are producing. Hopefully next year we can bring out even more trees that meet the standards that Steve sets.


Club show 09 Prep

I'm sure all members will join in and say a big thanks to all who took time out to put the show tables together and an even bigger one to Dave Y for designing, organising and building the frameworks in the 1st place.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Great North Bonsai participation

Message from Peter,

Hi Guys,

a bit last minute I know but ............. Les Storey [ cant find his mail address ] spoke to me at Birmingham about this new show Great North Bonsai , and said that the Wirral lads would like to participate , I have meant to get back to folk about this but have had loads of other stuff to do so .........

anyway , if any of you would like to put a tree or trees in the show they would be very welcome , my aim is to bench between 50 to 60 bonsai of a standard that would be in the BoBB or Newstead or Noelanders shows

we have Peter W and John A doing things at the show and will judge it

Ian Stewardson is bringing one or two trees , at the moment otherwise it will be mainly Dave Hannah/Willowbog/ Willowboggers/ various others trees in the show , my problem is not finding that number to go on the benches but clearly it would be good to open to as many as possible whilst retaining the 'Northern' theme

again sorry for being late and I realise that it may be difficult for you guys to be involved , if you could contact the others for me please ???

willowbog is about 50 mins drive from the venue but the bunkhouse is available to keep costs down if needed , trees really need to be benched Friday evening , dates 4th 5th 6th Sept.

let me know please , thanks


PS some info on our web site

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Monday, 3 August 2009

Club Show @ Gordale August 8th/9th

Setting up @ Gordale
I'm sure you don't need a reminder but our club show is this weekend.
Are your trees tweaked, your tables buffed, your soil mossed & your pots clean?
No........ well mine aren't either... but there's still time...just!
Trees need to be at Gordale Friday afternoon, as early as possible to allow for setting up the show.


Hello and welcome to the Wirral Bonsai Society Blog - an ongoing diary & newsletter highlighting the adventures of the society & its members

Society Diary-We meet at 8pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the RAFA club in Oxton (CH43 1UU).

  • 13th January
  • 10th February
  • 14th February Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 28th February Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th March - Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 13th March Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 27th March Workshop - Gordale
  • 13th April - Demonstration - Andy H
  • 17th April Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 24th April Workshop - Gordale
  • 8th May Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 11th May- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 29th May Workshop - Gordale
  • 4-5th June WBS Flowering Bonsai Show - Port Sunlight GC
  • 8th June - WBS Member trees critique
  • 12th June Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 26th June Workshop - Gordale
  • 10th July Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 13th July- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 31st July Workshop - Gordale
  • 10th August- WBS Show tree selection
  • 13-14th August - Wirral Flower Show
  • 20th August - Japan Day, Liverpool
  • 27-29th August WBS Annual Show - Gordale
  • 14th September- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 11th September Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 25th September Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th October Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 12th October- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 30th October Workshop - Gordale
  • 9th November- Monthly meeting - Topic TBC
  • 13th November Workshop - Port Sunlight GC
  • 26-27th November - Potter Workshop with David Jones (Walsall Studio Ceramics)
  • 27th November Workshop - Gordale
  • 14th December - Club Party


New members are always welcome, just come along to one of our monthly meetings at the RAFA club. You can even 'try us out' for a few months before you decide on joining as an official member. The meetings are informal (there's a bar!) and the club members are (mostly) friendly, approachable and happy to pass on guidance and information to anybody interested in bonsai- whatever your level of experience.