Monday, 26 November 2012

November Meeting -Tree Critique

 Ian critiques a nice looking Hornbeam (?)

.... plus a tree with potential.
 Dave Y talks about his large Larch........
......while the tree wise monkeys ponder......

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and looking after your Bonsai Trees  as you never know what tomorrow may bring.
Right on with the news and gossip from our 14th of November Society meeting from the RAFA club in Oxton Wirral Before the evening session got under way Ian our Illustrious Leader reminded members about forth coming events such as the Fantastic Winter Show on Sunday the 24th February 2013 at the Grange Drive Centre, Swindon more info 


and the Major British Bonsai Event is The BEST OF BRITISH BONSAI 2013  held at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses, Edgebaston, Birmingham, UK, on 12th-16th May 2013 as part of Gardeners World Live and more about that can be found as mentioned By our Web-master on the
previous post on  Wednesday, 17 October 2012


@     and an Update of this event

On with the show as the saying goes or Evening Session, which was a Tree Critique time and was very good with a fair amount of trees brought into the club and we got through 6 Bonsai Trees that were discussed before we ran out of time, The trees belonging to Sean who had a Hornbeam + Dena with her Bonsai Maple + Andy and his  English Elm + Brian had a Juniper and a biggie (Large)  Larch from Dave Y then the other Tree was a Maple belonging to Phil which allowed Bill G, Ian and Andy to gave their honest opinions and constructive comments on the good,the bad and ugly to the owners plus invite feedback from everyone
It was an interesting evening which went well and the Critique Panel  doing a great session with comments and a few Wise-cracks from both sides of the floor and for me the time just flew past and before I knew it was the end of the session and time to pack in

For the time being Wirral Bonsai Society are so sorry announce that there is

NO GGC Workshop for the foreseeable future at Gordales as in December its time for Santa and his Reindeer to appear  for everyone, and for the next 2 Last Of the Month Sunday Workshops W-B-S members will be at the  Greenhand Garden Center in Port Sunlight Between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm more info and how to find the Greenhand Garden Center For those who have a Navigation System the postcode is  CH62 5DY and the address Port Sunlight Garden Centre,
The Causeway, Port Sunlight Village, Wirral, Telephone: 0151 645 6244

or  @   

Hope to see you there on the  25th of November 2013

Take care,look after each other all your Bonsai Trees

Jim thelad

Thursday, 15 November 2012

October Workshop

a bunch of 'strangers' at play

" if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew." Pocahontas
 see above
Happy Birthday Tom
Hi Everybody
On the 28th of October Tom,Bill D,Rod (from Bolton),Andy H,Brian,Eddie,Sean,Bill G Dougie,Les.John and it was Great to See Tom G, after such a long time due to ill health and we all hope he will be up and running and back to attending our Society meetings and workshops soon and once again we had a good selection of trees as we had 18 Bonsai trees available to work on such as a Large Maple various Pines and Junipers,Elms, Redwood,Larch

It was a very busy day at Gordales Garden Center as a Halloween Event was taken place with many many Pumpkins being Carved out and taken home by excited children and happy parents and guardians.

Young Ryan and his dad Andy enjoyed a few hours at our workshop tables with Andy H being Ryans mentor for the day and they both seem to work well together and enjoying the experience

It was a bit quiet with the public to start with and that gave members a chance to work on their own trees and help and advise each other plus throw in the odd bit of Banter and few jokes not suitable for tender ears

Later on few more members arrived and after the initial "what time do you call this!!! or
Good Evening!!" all members had thier hands and minds busy with question and explanation from the public as to why and what has happened to thier  Own Bonsai tree. Bill had the pleasure of helping and Elderly couple who brought in a Bonsai tree belonging to thier grand children a young boy called Oliver and his younger sister Scarlett whilst Bill was checking out the tree I sought permission from the Grand-parent for thier names and being allowed to take thier images  whilst at out Bonsai workshop tables
Also a Day late BUT it did not stop our Birthday Boy Tom celebrating his 70th Birthday Cake with the members and having his Family ,grand children having thier images taken holding Tom's Bonsai tree.

It was once again and enjoyable day and we all looking forward to being back again in November the 28th for our last Sunday of the month workshop and look forward to seeing you with your bonsai trees or anything related to Bonsai pop in to Gordales Garden Center and see us at our Bonsai workshop tables also enjoy the exciting things that the Garden Center have on display during the time of year
Just a reminder that the images from the workshop will be on display on Facebook @


 or Google Search          Wirral Bonsai Society thelad

You should find information  about where to see our images of events and past shows
and on Youtube         Wirral Bonsai Society thelad       where you should find some short video clips of W-B-S  Members Annual Show 2012 and Octobers Workshop from GGC (Gordales Garden Center)  here in the  Wirral

Hope you are all well and enjoying all your bonsai trees

Take care of each other

Jim thelad

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