Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Donzac 2009 prt 2

A very large pine.
Myrtle (I think?) personally, not sure of the pot though.....
- Tilia -with a very unusual accent... its a Bakerlite electrical switch with wire attached.... burnt into a wooden plinth!!!! ......these French, eh....
A nice yew.
Apparently there was also a very big show in Carcassonne last weekend but I had to fly home on Friday to do the work thing!!!!
(I believe John Pitt was there too!)

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Duncan H said...

Hi Iain - great photos

I managed to visit the EDG show in Carcassonne on Saturday whilst visting my family who live nearby - a really very good show with the vast majority of the trees in exhibition from yamadori origin. Fran├žois Gau's Buxus are something else - absolutely fantastic. Olivier Barreau & many others had realy top trees on show. Well worth the visit. I met up with Mike Andrews & Bryan Albright - also caught-up with John Pitt & his wife. Lots of good ceramics and material for sale - mix of local yamadori & Japanese stuff mostly

I took a few photos and will be writing a report for Willowbog's Bonsai Chat at the end of the month

There are images to view from the French Bonsai forum:


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